Tomato Crepe (Dosa)
The touch of tangy tomato adds a zing to my plain crepes. I first got the idea at my office cafeteria when I was working in Bangalore. But whatever approach they follow, I could hardly taste the tomato in it! However, the very color of the dosa, with the tint of orange, was tempting enough to make me try out my own version of it.


dosa batter - 250 grams
tomato - 3 medium-sized
oil for frying


Cut tomatoes into big pieces and blend without water in a food processor until there are no lumps. Add to the batter. Heat a frying pan. Pour a small quantity of batter and spread into a thin crepe. Add oil along the edges. Fry on low heat till crisp (preferably without flipping). Serve with hot spicy green chutney.
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