Cracker Nachos!
Another result of my quest for a quick, healthy snack! My husband loves to gorge on chips anytime, and especially during game time. All my rantings on junk food fall on deaf ears. One evening, when he was all set to submerge himself in a football game on TV, surrounded by junk food, I handed him a plate of cracker nachos after a sermon on junk food. The only reason he took it from my hand was so that I will stop disturbing him from watching the game. Five minutes later, I was in for a major surprise - he actually asked me if I could make him one plate of cracker nachos!
This goes to Priya's event "Fast food not Fat food".


salted whole wheat crackers - 7
whole grain tortilla chips - 7 to 9 (optional)
cucumber - 1 (chopped fine)
tomato - 1 (chopped fine)
nacho cheese - 3-4 tbsp (melted, warm)
cilantro - 1 tbsp (chopped fine)
fresh garden salsa - 3 tbsp
lemon juice - a few drops


Mix cucumber, tomato, cilantro, garden salsa and lemon juice and keep aside. Arrange crackers on a plate. Drop spoonfuls of vegetable mixture and melted cheese on each cracker. Health freaks, stop here! Others, arrange a layer of tortilla chips between the creackers. Place vegetable mixture and melted cheese on the chips as well and serve fresh.

2 Responses
  1. Priya Suresh Says:

    Feel like having some, yummy nachos..

  2. Puja Says:

    Nice idea..perfect to munch on!

    US Masala

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